Latinoamerica – Calle 13

Kun nyt innostuin niin tässä vielä yksi hyvä biisi ja video:



ja ainut käännös, jonka löysin:

I am

I am what that they left

I’m all about what that was stolen.

A village hidden on the peak,

My skin is from leather that’s why it stands any weather.

I’m a factory of smoke,

A peasant working hand for your consumption

Cold Front in the middle of summer,

Love in the Time of Cholera, my brother.

The sun that is born and the day that dies,

with the best evenings.

I am developing raw,

a political speech without saliva.

The most beautiful faces I’ve met,

I’m the photograph of a missing person.

I’m the blood in your veins,

I’m a piece of land that is worth it.

I’m a basket with beans,

I’m Maradona against England scoring 2 goals.

I’m what that holds my flag,

the backbone of the planet is my Andes.

I’m what that my father taught me,

Who doesn’t love his fatherland don’t love his mother.

I’m Latin America,

A People without legs but can walk

You can’t buy the wind.

You can’t buy the sun.

You can’t buy the rain.

You can’t buy the heat.

You can’t buy the clouds.

You can’t buy the colors.

You can’t buy my happiness.

You can’t buy my pains.

I have the lakes,

I have the rivers.

I have my teethes for when I smile.

The snow that puts make up on my mountains.

I have the sol that dries me and the rain that wash me *

A desert intoxicated with beautiful drinks of pulque

To sing with the coyotes is all that I need.

I have my lungs breathing clear blue.

The height that suffocates. I’m the teethes that chew the Coca. *

The autumn with its dropping leaves

The lines written under the starry night.

A wineyard filled with grapes.

A sugar cane plantation under the Cuban sun.

I’m the Caribbean Sea watching over the houses,

Doing rituals of holy water.

The wind that combs my hair.

I’m all the saints that hangs from my neck.

The juice of my struggle is not artificial,

Because the fertilizer of my land is natural.


You can’t buy the sun.

You can’t buy the rain.

(we are drawing the way, we are walking)

You can’t buy my life.


Working hard but with pride,

Here we share, what’s mine is yours.

These people can’t be drawn with big waves.

And if it collapsed I’ll rebuilt it.

*neither blink when I see you.

So that you’ll remember my surname.

Operation Condor is invading my nest.

I forgive but I’ll never forget!

(we are walking)

The struggle breathes here.

(we are walking)

I sing because it sounds.

Here we are standing.

Long live Latin America.

You can’t buy my life.



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